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         Our Products and Services:                                                                        


            TB101  Lesson Plan Book      $3.85                                    TB120  Student Plan Book   $3.85

               CB150 Class Record Book    $3.85                                        TB210  Lesson Plan Book    $3.85      

            W135 12 Month Plan Book     $3.85                                          



                                                We offer Custom Graphics, Printing and Book Binding






    About Our Books       ____


  In 1982 our TB210 Lesson Plan Book was designed by a select group of Teachers from a large School  District.

                 As soon as we began offering the TB210, it became a very popular book with Teachers. 

                 Occasionally we will recieve a call from a Teacher stating:  I love your TB210, I will be retiring in three

                  years, will you send me three TB210's.


                   We have offered the CB150 Class Record Book for almost as long as we have been in business.     

                Small Schools purchase this book, along with large School Districts.

                 Many Community Colleges along with Universities have been providing their instructors with this book  

                  for over thirty years.   


                    Five years ago, we recieved a call from a Baccalarate High School Booster Club. We were told that they

                 have been using our TB101 Lesson Plan Books and the CB150 Class Record Book for twenty eight years now, 

                 and were very pleased.   They wanted to offer their students a Students Plan Book,  which they would sell to

                to the Students.  They offered their input in the design of the TB120 Student Planner.  Each year they order

                (300) TB120 Student Plan Books, and are very pleased with their program.





                                                 Teachers and Students have been using our Books since 1980                            













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